Dive with me into the fascinating world of music and keys.

Do you admire other people who play a musical instrument great? Do you sometimes or often regret that you did not learn a musical instrument or gave up too early while learning?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player. Everyone can learn to play music.

It doesn't take incredible talent, or a lot of practice time, or unnecessary worry that it's too hard, provided you have the right mentor with a good and safe proven teaching approach. This is not only a lot of fun. It also gives the quality of life, reduces stress, relaxes, and also in terms of workload, even in old age, much can be learned relaxed in a short time, which with a less good concept elsewhere unnecessarily needs many years of learning.

So do not doubt yourself. Do not listen to the opinions of people who do not know better. Here is a realistic way to accomplish your desire now.

In over 20 years of teaching experience, I have accompanied both particularly ambitious students who have made it through my lessons to the music degree and are now professionals. But special needs students or people with learning disabilities have achieved together with me to give great performances and have thus also matured in their personalities.

Especially due to the latter, I have designed a special teaching concept that securely introduces every person, no matter what prerequisites, successfully into all important aspects of playing the piano and the world of music-making in general. This teaching concept guarantees that you will progress successfully in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

I also started playing music intensively at the age of 15, although many unsuspecting people told me it was too late. The enthusiasm and dedication were my motors into the world of great sounds. In the meantime, there are more than 30 music books with CDs from me, which are used as standard works in many music schools in the lessons and are also multiple bestsellers No. 1 in Amazon. A diploma with distinction in composition/arrangement and a doctorate in musicology graduated with "Very Good" as well as performances in different Countries , are only a part of my successes on this exciting journey.

I will accompany you on your journey into the world of keys and will teach a technique that will allow your fingers and hands to glide over the keys in a relaxed manner. You will be amazed at the ease with which your fingers will fly over the keys over time, even at a faster tempo.

Playfully, if necessary, we will unveil all the puzzles of reading music that are relevant to you, which will be helpful as a basis, so that you can read notes just as you can read the Latin alphabet as a matter of course. Because you learned that at some point, too, because you got involved with it in school.

 Depending on which directions your heart beats more for, we will then dive together into the worlds of classical music, jazz, pop/rock and light music, but also free improvisation. Fairerwaise, it must be said: The only thing you need to bring up for this is a phone call or email to get in touch with me, the willingness to spend 45 min with me once a week and practice 15 minutes a day at home. Of course, this offer is not free. But as long as I have free places, you can take the opportunity to secure a permanent place with me. Whether it is a hobby or a professional intention, you will achieve your goals with me as your mentor.

Since I can only take on a limited number of students and I am an artist myself most of the week on various projects, I recommend getting in touch with me while there are still spaces available.

If you live too far away from me, I also offer this service via online lessons.

Arrange a trial lesson and benefit from my safe and proven teaching concept.