Composing doesn't have to be innate, it can definitely be learned.

If you are interested in composing your own music, if you are interested in different musical instruments or even electronic possibilities, no matter what style of music, then you are in the right place.

It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or already have some experience. If you have never composed before but would like to, this is just as good a place to learn from scratch. But if you've already made a few attempts but often get stuck, for example because you simply lack ideas about which chords just fit, or you can't get anywhere with your melodies, or you don't know how to arrange strings, winds or a choir to your music, or how your composition should go on, or if all your pieces sound very similar and you want to write more versatile, then be assured at this point that you can learn all that and much more here.

I'll guide you on your journey into the world of sound, teaching you techniques and possibilities that will make composing a great experience every time and allow you to playfully create your personal dream music. Become the architect of your own sound worlds now.

Of course, this offer is not free. As long as I still have free places available, you have the opportunity to secure a permanent place with me - whether for hobby or profession - to achieve your goals with me as your mentor.

Since I can only take on a limited number of students and am artistically active myself most of the week in various projects, I recommend that you contact me as early as possible.

Teaching locations are Au/Sieg and Altenkirchen. If you live too far away, I also offer this service online via video lessons.

Arrange a trial lesson and benefit from my safe and proven teaching concept.