Learn to improvise on your musical instrument

Being able to improvise spontaneously or play freely on a musical instrument doesn't have to be innate. Whether you want to play freely and note-less for yourself or conjure up better solos in a band, you've come to the right place.

Here you can learn (no matter on which musical instrument) to improvise in different musical styles and to create your own solos. You can learn to improvise and create your own solos according to your musical preferences and wishes, from baroque and classical music to jazz, pop, rock, rock'n'roll, funk and world music (oriental, African, Indian styles, klezmer, flamenco, tango and others).

Trust my didactics and be surprised how fast you will make progress. With the right tips, instructions, and a good teaching concept, spontaneous free playing is just as learnable for every musician as playing sheet music.

These lessons include some music theory, harmony and the teaching of different musical styles.

The prerequisite for this is that you already have some technical mastery of your instrument and know how to produce tones on your instrument and where which tones are located.

These lessons are suitable as pure improvisation lessons, but can also be an additional supplement and enrichment for students who already receive parallel classical lessons on their instrument elsewhere.

Arrange a trial lesson and benefit from my safe and proven teaching concept.